Terms of Use

CutLink Terms Of Service

You comprehend that all data, information, content, programming, music, sound, photos, illustrations, video, messages or different materials ("Content"), regardless of whether openly posted or secretly transmitted, are the sole duty of the individual from which such Content started. This implies you, and not CutLink, are completely in charge of all Content that you transfer, post, email, transmit or generally make accessible by means of our Services. 

CutLink does not control the Content posted through our Services and, accordingly, does not ensure the precision, trustworthiness or nature of such Content. 

You comprehend that by utilizing our Services, you might be presented to Content that is hostile, disgusting or shocking. By no means will CutLink be obligated in any capacity for any Content, including, however not restricted to, for any mistakes or exclusions in any Content, or for any misfortune or harm of any benevolent caused because of the utilization of any Content posted, messaged, transmitted or generally made accessible by means of our Services.

You recognize that CutLink may pre-screen Content, however preceding that CutLink will have the right to remove or delete any Content (or Account) that is accessible by means of the Service. 

Without constraining the previous, CutLink will have the privilege to evacuate any Content or Accounts that disregards the Term Of Service or is generally frightful. 

You concur that you should assess, and bear all dangers related with, the utilization of any Content or Accounts, including any dependence on the exactness, culmination, or handiness of such Content. In such manner, you recognize that you may not depend on any Content or Accounts made by CutLink or submitted to CutLink, incorporating without constraint data in CutLink message sheets, and in every other piece of the Service.

You concur to NOT use our Services for the accompanying: 

Enlist in excess of one account for every person. On the off chance that Users are found to have alluded themselves, the referral commissions will be relinquished and the accounts will be banned. 

Connection to, transfer, post, email, transmit or generally make accessible any Content that is grown-up in nature, unlawful, destructive, undermining, harsh, irritating, convoluted, slanderous, revolting, disgusting, offensive, obtrusive of another's protection, disdainful, or racially, ethnically or generally frightful. 

Imitate any individual or substance, including, yet not restricted to, CutLink official, discussion pioneer, guide or have, or dishonestly state or generally distort your connection with a person or element. 

Connection, transfer, post, email, transmit or generally make accessible any Content that you don't have a privilege to make accessible under any law or under legally binding or trustee connections. 

Produce headers or generally control identifiers with the end goal to mask the starting point of any Content transmitted through our Services. 

Connection, transfer, post, email, transmit or generally make accessible any Content that encroaches any patent, trademark, prized formula, copyright or other exclusive ("Rights") of any gathering. 

Connection, transfer, post, email, transmit or generally make accessible any spontaneous or unapproved publicizing, limited time materials, "garbage mail," "spam," "networking letters," "fraudulent business models," or some other type of sales, with the exception of in those regions, (for example, shopping rooms) that are assigned for such reason. 

Connection, transfer, post, email, transmit or generally make accessible any material that contains programming infections or some other PC code, documents or projects intended to intrude on, demolish or limit the usefulness of any PC programming or equipment or media communications hardware. 

Meddle with or upset the Services or servers or systems associated with the Services, or resist any prerequisites, techniques, arrangements or controls of systems associated with the Services. 

Gather or store individual information about different clients. 

Endeavour to falsify traffic with the end goal to win income, not restricted to utilizing computerized 'PC' activity, camouflaging activity through unknown intermediary servers, 'concealing' the Services through any strategy. 

URL trade. As an example Paid-to-click services or visitor exchanges. 

It is entirely forbidden to share CutLink URL's redirecting on white pages 

Any Pornographic content.